Full Project – Design of a real-time monitoring data system for oil and gas production

Full Project – Design of a real-time monitoring data system for oil and gas production

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Oil  and  gas  is  one  of  the  national  resources  that  serve  as  an  important  asset to  the  economic  development  of  oil  producing countries. Maintaining the economic progress of these countries is strongly depending on having good control over its oil and gas industry. With the fast development of the oil producing countries and an increase of demand for energy, petroleum and natural gas have become important assets for these countries. The  oil wellheads  to  export  terminals flow  rate  monitoring  for  oil  and  gas are important  parts  of  the  national  treasure  vital  to  the  national  economy.  Therefore, maintaining the economic progress of these countries is strongly depending on having good control over these resources.

The report  of  the  auditing  firm  Price  Water  House  Cooper  Limited  (PWC)  expressed  a  lack  of  transparency  and  good accountability  by  the  Nigerian  National  Petroleum  Corporation (NNPC). It also shows that, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cannot validate how much money has been remitted to the federation account, this signify the presence of corruption in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. The former Governor of CBN Sanusi Lamido Sanusi threw down the gauntlet in 2013, when he alleged that $20 billion oil money was unremitted to the national treasury. A committee set up by finance minister Ngozi Okonjor Iweala said about $10 billion was the figure, when auditing giant price water house cooper Limited was brought in; it said according to the government that only $1.48 billion should have been remitted to the treasury. The report which the presidency released apparently to clear itself of shielding corrupt officials said the oil giant should have refunded $4.29 billion. The fact that the central Bank of Nigeria,  federal  ministry  of  finance,  Budget  office  of  the  federation  and  NNPC  cannot  agree  on  revenue  realized  from  crude  oil sales (Nigeria’s major revenue source) presents a compelling need to improve transparency and accountability processes in NNPC.

However, In an oil sector reform agenda of the present administration, it’s signify that, one of the biggest challenges that has remained unaddressed since the very first Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) audit report-and which has kept re-appearing in subsequent ones-is the absence of metering infrastructure for measuring the quantity of crude oil flows from wellheads to export terminals. And without metering at both ends of the pipeline no one can say how much oil the country is producing,  let  alone  what  it  is  losing  through  theft  and  vandalism.  Therefore,  in  this  research  work,  the  researchers designed  a prototype system that aimed at solving the above challenges with a less stress; by comfortably monitoring the flow rate of the oil and  gas,  calculate  the  amount  lifted  and  remotely  send  the  data  to  a  database  server  which  can  be  easily  access through  a web designed as a human interaction interface in order to get the detail records of the oil lifted for a period of time. With that you can also know the exact money expected to remits into the revenues treasury account.

In the daily operation of an oil and gas production system, or plant, a lot of decisions have to be taken that affects the volumes produced and the cost of production. These decisions are taken at different levels in the organization, but eventually they will reach the physical plant. For such plants this is related to the choke/valve openings, compressor, and pump settings at every instance of time. These are the control elements.

In the efforts towards better performance of the plant, the  question to be answered is therefore how to decide how to operate the control elements. In the process of finding good control settings, information about the plant is used. This information may be the physical properties such as pipe diameters and lengths, or it may be measurements from the plants.


The cost-effective indices for reporting the quantity of oil and gas lifting is of significance to any accountable and transparent system, however, manual processes have not been able to do that in real time.

As a need for urgent and reliable approach, the approach of a real time provides the most immediate solution; which is the focus of this research work.


The primary objective of this study is to design and implement a real time monitoring system for oil and gas production. This research work described a real time remote monitoring of daily production over a wide network of oil and gas sites. It uses a sensor to monitor the flow rate, displays the data records from a microcontroller on a liquid crystal display (LCD) and remotely sends to a centralized repository server via a wireless network. The result is displayed in a real time through a computer user interface which can be accessed by the stakeholders or any authorized users. Thus, limited information can also be accessed on an opened source online by the publics.  Other sub-objectives are as follows:

  1. To develop a system that will keep track of the total quantity of oil and gas produced and transported to the terminals.
  2. To provide a metering infrastructure for measuring the quantity of oil from wellheads to export terminals to improves transparency and accountability for oil and gas lifting’s.
  3. To create a system that will reduce the cost associate with sending technicians to remote sites to check the status of oil and gas flow rate monitoring.


The significance is that it will help other researchers and also provide a system with which stakeholders in the oil and gas industry can make effective decisions and maximize the output being generated.


A number of factors militated against this project which poses some difficulties, they are as follows;

  1. Unwillingness of the respondent to release basic and necessary facts.
  2. Cost of sourcing of information from relevant journals, materials, Internet and respondents at the administrative area is exorbitant
  3. Insufficient material at the school library has also militated on the progress of this research as most of the books in the library are irrelevant to this study.
  4. The stress of combining lectures and research work has not being easy on my own part.


For a clear understanding of the terminology and the following terms are hereby operationally defined.


It can be defined as devices that accept data in one form (input and process to produce data in another form output as information.


This is a set of instruction written in a language of computer. A program is used to make the computer perform a specific task calculating interest period to saving account holder.


These are set of instructions that are to be carried out by computer in order to accomplish a given task.


These are those parts of the computer that we touch and see (physical parts) e.g. keyboard, monitor, mouse etc.


These are sets of instructions that are to be carried out by computer in order to accomplish a given task.


This is regarded as an unprocessed fact of figure etc information



This is processed data.


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Full Project – Design of a real-time monitoring data system for oil and gas production