Full Project – The influence of motivation on students performance in English language

Full Project – The influence of motivation on students performance in English language

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English language in a schools, secondary school and tertiary schools in Nigeria is thought as a language, from class one onwards it is also used as the medium of instruction in the education system from secondary school to tertiary level. Generally although few people speak the language  It seems to occupy a high status as it is the language of higher education in the judiciary system and in diplomatic circles (schimied, 2000) Abdulaziz (2000) adds that English has important functions as it is the language of science technology. International trade and commerce more over. The education and training policy (1999) contents that the objectives of language teaching in secondary education are to promote the development of competency in linguistic ability and effective communication students linguistic background and second language learning language is always a medium of communication in any society education on the other hand is a process of preparing the you generation for future membership in the society (nyerere, 1968) education has to do with passing ideas and concepts on the young generation so that they may acquire knowledge that is to be used to bring about development in the society (Qorro, 1997) education is carried out largely through the medium of language thus the language is very significant in the education process as it helps learners to precisely express the concepts, ideas and knowledge being tough hence lead to better performance. Student’s success in learning a second or foreign language depends very much on their linguistic repertoires that is their knowledge of the target language they have that will facilitate their effective learning of the language. Additionally student’s language characteristic such as their preschool knowledge of the language the time they were first exposed to the language and the frequency of language use feem to be very significant to the second or foreign language learning.

In Nigeria students in secondary school reflect a wide range of linguistic background royCampbell and Qorro (1997)found out that very few secondary school students in the country had English as their first language while the majority particular thus born outside the urban areas had a language other than Kiswahili as their first language. In term of English language performance, studies show that most pupils complete their primary school education with little or knowledge of English language (Boma, 1980 mushi 1989 and mbowe 1994), thus the situation persists when they enter secondary school. Clipper and Dodd (1984) observation that the amount of English language secondary schools students were exposed to was a more foreign than a medium of education or second language.

However pupils who begin to learn and use English language at an early age that is before or during primary schools are likely to the more proficient in its them their counter parts. Empirical studies done in Nigeria indicated that students lack of pleasant English proficient was attribute to their optimal limited use of the language outside the class (mushi, 1989 and mbowe, 1994).

Therefore the class seems to be only place that facilitates learning and acquiring of the language. This state of affairs has resulted to students little opportunity to practice English language that they them as a subject at school.

All these reflect the fact that there is a need for learners to be exposed to the language they learn, in this respect English. In terms of practical meaningful use, so as to enhance their learning of the language thus language practices both inside and outside the class is very imperative.



achievement motivation and school performance

motivation is a complex phenomenon (little wood, 1995) it includes may component such as the individual drives curiosity desire for new experiences and, need for achievement and success farrant (1980) restricting the definition in the definition in the classroom context, relates motivation to forces that determine how much effort an individual puts into his/her learning. Recent research has broadenedthe traditional socio-psychological approaches to motivation in order to increases its education potentiality Ames and Archer (1988) focused more on learners classroom behavior they maintain that motivation has an education and personal dimension in addition the social one I this way research on language learning motivation is at an important stage of development to explain learners performance in the target language.

In language learning. Krashen (1981)identified two motivational orientations namely. Integrative motivation, that is desire to be like members of the community that speaks the target language and instrumental motivation which is the learners desire to achieve proficiency in a language for practical (utilitarian) reasons under the latter perspective the learners more interested on how the language (she) is learning can be a useful tool towards furthering other goals such as gaining a necessary qualification or improving employment prospects (baker, 1992) the importance of motivation in learning cannot the underestimated since it contributes much in reinforcing learning among learners Girab (1972) argues that motivation determines much in rate of learning as it influences success or failure through reinforcement he assert that an individual will be highly motivated to learn a second or foreign language if he/she expects success or he/she is sure of getting to use the language affect learning it.

Bloom (1982) asserted that if learners possess all requisite for a learning a task then it would be possible quality for them to adequately learn task provided that they are motivated to do so and if the quality of instruction is appropriate to their needs supporting this assertion Ames and Archer (1988) argued that achievement goals among learners determine patternsof motivation which direct how learners think aboutand engage in different academic activities such as full participation in the study and increased frequency in learning of the task which in term results to better performance to oxford and Shearin (1994)motivation facilities learning as it provides some kind of internal drive that encourages the learners success or pursue kind course of action in this way the learners success of failure in learning a second or foreign language is this influenced by their determination motivational variables such as language practical learners will avail themselves to the language informal contexts (Krashen 1981) which in turn encourages them to acquire and communicate more frequently in its medium.


In the development of human resources education is the important failure in the national examination especially SSCE spells doom for the students whose life becomes uncertain and full of des pair the English language performance determines it is for this reason that secondary school administrators are to come up with various performance enhancing methods this study sought to find out whether various motivational techniques have had any influence on study academic performance in English language


To determine the influence of students motivation on academic performance in English language


This study seeked to

  1. To identify the factors that influence the motivation of students in academic performance in English language
  2. To determine the sustainability of these motivational techniques on study academic performance in English language
  3. To find out if lack of set motivation among students is a major cause of poor performance in English language


  1. Does students motivation have any influence on academic performance in English language
  2. To what extend is the effect of student motion on academic in performance in English language sustainable?
  3. Is lack of set motivation among students the main cause of poor academic performance in English language


The findings of this study may assist the ministry of education science and technology to come up with policies that in co-operate the needs of the students every years after evaluation of results nation exams specific subjects and localities the level learners motivation cannot be inert as a ways of boosting it have to be included in any remedial measures school the motivation the motivation of their students should be main concern and so the research findings of this study can be used and to improve learning and consequently academic performance.

Teachers as implementers of the curriculum have to motivate their students for this reasons any motivational technique found to be useful are key stakeholder in the education sector it is aduisalle them to take interest their children’s school life they spend with them any new motivational information is useful to parents as they play a key in their children’s lives’


This study was limited by the unwillingness of the focus however the researcher assured the respondents that study was not going the research was hampered by the unwillingness of respondents to diulge their personal detail in the background section of the questionnaire this was overcome by the researcher indicating to them they could omit giving their name and instead fill other sections for gender school and their teaching experience.


Academic performance: the extent to which the student or institution achieved their education goals.

Sustainility of Motivation Techniques: The extent to which me applied to motivate can contribute yield consistent results

Public Secondary School: School that are staffed and administered by the government

Lack Of Self-motivation: Absence of the inner drive to indecently do something.



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Full Project – The influence of motivation on students performance in English language