Full Project – Computer knowledge testing software on agricultural science, biology, English and mathematics

Full Project – Computer knowledge testing software on agricultural science, biology, English and mathematics

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Today’s generation has provided different fields of study and a number of advancements and developments that doesn’t only entail making work and jobs easier, but making it faster and more accurate. The discovery and invention of many different applications of technology and science in different fields have provided many individuals with significant and relevant benefits, which helped each fields flourish and become very helpful to any individual in the society. This is specifically observable in the field of Education, which is particularly significant in learning. The relevance of technology to the Educational sector has already been evident, through the application of computers and advanced technological equipment’s used.



As the entire globe launches fast into an age of information on technology, the need to keep abreast of this trend cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, this research work tends to critically take a survey of the traditional class mode of learning in our senior secondary school Level which is plaque with some specific problems and to provide a technological teaching/learning approach through a computer based system to compliment this existing method and eliminate the problems arising as a result of adapting such method. Some of the problems arising from the use of traditional class mode of teaching and learning are as follows:

  1. The loss and destruction of teaching/learning aids in traditional class mode of teaching, there are always a lot of items/aids use in passing instruction to the pupils for more clarity and understanding and these usually comes in either paper, wooden or casted forms.
  2. The boredom experienced by the students and the teachers due to the monotonous single way of learning and teaching daily
  3. Regular absenteeism from class by the students.
  4. Laziness displayed by some teachers in their daily routine job of teaching
  5. Dirtiness experienced by the teachers due to use of the chalk and blackboard.
  6. Lack of enthusiasm on the part of students learning experience.
  7. The Changing of teachers changes the system of teaching and it will give the students problems of understanding due to the varied mode of teaching.
  8. The students get bored without the teachers notice; this will be as if the teacher is talking to the air and this leads to poor assimilation in what the teacher is saying.





The purpose of this project is to develop a computer based system to complement the existing manual method of teaching senior secondary schools. The project when completed will provide the following benefits:

  1. Bring to the educational system a process attributes such as, untiring patience, around the clock availability, individualized and student paced instructional program.
  2. Help teachers present to their student a different way of learning.
  3. To prevent lost of teaching aids/items/materials used in the senior secondary school levels.
  4. To lead to improved student performance in thinking logically.
  5. To eliminate boredom experienced on the part of teachers in the daily teaching routines.
  6. To increase attention span, motivation and attendance on the parts of students and;
  7. To arouse enthusiasm in students learning experience.
  8. To design a system that will serve as supplement for teachers.







This research work is designed to benefit the general body of education, teacher and parents in that they could employ the program to teach their students at school and at home respectively and most importantly students in senior secondary levels in that they could use the program as self learning/teaching aid at their convenience. Some of the benefits derived from this research work will be as follows:

  1. Individual help is available to a student who might otherwise be ignored in a class
  2. By being able to privately move at their own pace gifted children are not bound, slower student are not rushed and shy students are not embarrassed by incorrect answers give in public.
  3. It offer children highly individualized learning
  4. It helps to eliminate the problem of loss of teaching materials/items/aids used in the class method (manual) of teaching.
  5. It increases attention, motivation and attendance span on the part of the students




The scope of this project is only limited to students in senior secondary school levels. It covers areas in mathematics, English, biology, economics and agricultural science.

This project work focuses solely on developing software that consists of the subject module which aids students in learning which test the student performance and the games module which improve the student mental ability in reasoning and solving problems.

This project does not cover area of using

  1. Computer to check or process the result.
  2. Computer for management information system but rather cover the area for using computer for learning.



Aided: Something that helps in performing a particular task

CAI: Computer Aided Instruction

CAL: Computer Aided Learning.

CBSE: computer base software engineering

CBT: computer base testing

COAN: Computer Association of Nigeria

Computer: Electronic device/machine that can store data and organize the data to produce meaningful information.

Data: This means the information store in the computer system.

Learning: The process of studying and getting knowledge from a source.

Lesson: Something that is intending to be learned.

Information: This means processed data.

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Full Project – Computer knowledge testing software on agricultural science, biology, English and mathematics